"Clear and affordable assistance from your local IT Company"

Business Support

Currie IT Solutions offers a wide range of services, supporting your Business’s current and developing IT needs.

Introductory Offer
For a limited period CITS are offering a FREE consultation service to local business. We will review your current IT infrastructure and advise of potential improvements designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Do your office computers need upgraded or replaced but don’t know where to look or what to buy?

CITS offers simple, professional advice to assist you in purchasing new PCs for your company. As well as guidance, we also supply custom made PCs to ensure you get the right PC for you and your business needs.

Want to share files and an internet connection between 2 or more PCs?
CITS’s networking solutions can provide you with the ease of use and security that is required. Every aspect is covered by us to ensure customer satisfaction.

Want to access e-mail and files from the comfort of your own home?
CITS can setup remote access to allow you to have 24/7 access to your business critical data.

Are your PCs running slower than they used to; think you have a virus?
If you don’t think you’re getting the most out of your PCs then CITS can get them back to their best. We offer simple services such as virus clean up, to more advanced configuration changes and hardware/software upgrades.

Need to move data from your old to your new PCs?
CITS’s data transfer service is quick and secure and will allow you to get up and running with your new PCs without losing any valuable files.

Invested money in expensive software packages but don’t know how to get the most of them?
Advanced software training is available for those who want to extend their knowledge in applications such as Excel, Word, Outlook and more.

Is your Company’s IT infrastructure covered by a support agreement and, if so, are you getting value for money?
CITS offers support packages to give you and your Company piece of mind that all of your IT systems are covered by a complete professional service.

CurrieIT Solutions Ltd - For all enqiuries please contact Ewan on 077938932706